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How does the "one signature divorce" work at We The People?

Fee: 499.99 + COURT FEES

This is a popular question for us at We The People so we would like to provide our customers with some information about the "one signature divorce" process.  

Some of our customers inform us that their spouses might not be willing to sign, and in this case they opt to have their spouses process here's how we handle it at We The People.

Once the index number is issued by the court, we will contact our customer in order to let them know that we've prepared an Affidavit of Service Form for the process serving.  There is no additional charge for this form, it's included in our basic economical price.  

At this point our customer can use any process server of their choice for the serving of their spouse, or our office can recommend an independent, reputable, licensed process serving company.  Process Server fees can range anywhere from approximately $75. to $125. depending on the situation.   

After the spouse is served, the process server simply completes the Affidavit of Service Form. 

After the spouse is served by the process server, if they do not respond, our customer simply signs the remaining divorce documents and the divorce documents get filed at court with one signature, our customers.  

However, if your spouse retains an attorney and/or contests, then We The People cannot continue handling your forms.  However, we will provide you with all of the forms prepared up to that point so the fee you paid us is never wasted.

As always, if you have further questions, feel free to call our AFTER HOURS Call Center (914)358-9111