Business Services

Operating a business is no easy task.
It can be very rewarding, both financially emotionally but can also be quite stressful. Whether you are starting a new business or over-hauling an existing one; the staff at We the People can help with your legal document preparation needs.

We can prepare your legal documents for:
Incorporating your business
Forming an LLC
Establishing a Not For Profit or a 501(c3)

WE ALSO CREATE PLLC - Please contact our office

Our legal document preparers make the process easy, fast, friendly and affordable.
Let We the People professionally prepare all the documents necessary for your business. We will walk with you through the process and handle everything for you. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.
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Forming an LLC

$324 + state fees
We The People can walk you through the process of how to form an LLC (also called a Limited Liability Company) or a corporation and prepare the legal documents necessary and have them filed with the State, usually within hours of contacting our office.

There are many reasons for forming an LLC:​​

-It makes your business look more professional and legitimate
-It provides you with limited personal liability
-It provides you with tax benefits that you could not take as an individual operating a business
-It allows freelancers to work with larger companies who require business entity formation
-It allows ownership to be freely transferable

An LLC is a type of business entity that combines several characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. The forming an LLC requires the filing of documents (Articles of Organization) with the Secretary of State. The LLC can have an unlimited number of Members (similar to shareholders) or just a single member.

The limited liability protection of the LLC means that the members are not generally personally liable for obligations of the company so long as the LLC’s income and expenses are kept separate from those of the individual members. In addition, the members may elect to be taxed as individuals and avoid thus avoid double taxation as would occur with a regular corporation.

LLC formation may be a requirement to work as a freelancer or independent contractor with many large companies. Rather than seeking a traditional employment relationship, many freelancers and employers now prefer to work on a contract basis that allows more flexibility for both parties. If you form an LLC you may be able to work with some of these employers more easily.

What you need to know about how to form an LLC: We The People will first check the name you select for forming an LLC with the state to see if it is available. We will then do the legal document preparation for the Articles of Organization that gets signed and filed with the Secretary of State. Our fee for forming the LLC is $324. The state filing fee is an additional $200. Our fee includes the free name availability check, the Articles of Organization and Employer Identification Number (EIN). You may also add a "Corporate Kit" which includes Minutes, Bylaws, Official Seal and Member Certificates. 

Note: NY requires all LLC’s to publish a legal announcement of their forming of the LLC within 120 days of the formation. It must be published 6 times in a local weekly paper and 6 times in a citywide daily publication selected by the county clerk. We The People can help with this process as well.

Let We The People provide all the legal document assistance necessary to prepare and walk you through the process of how to form an LLC.